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30 Days Dubai, UAE Visa

30 Days Dubai, UAE Visa

30 Days Dubai, UAE Visa

Dubai has become a second name for tourism. The place is an ideal tourist spot where one can have fun with colleagues or friends and explore its masterpieces. Dubai in the Emirates is the appropriate location to have quality vacation days. One can have a short trip to Dubai that offers enough time to visit Dubai’s famous spots. 

For this kind of short trip, Dubai authorities have given the facility of a 30 Days UAE Visa to its tourists. This is a single-entry visa which means an individual can only visit the UAE premises once on that particular visa. Culture Explorer Tours LLC as a superior travel agency ensures a seamless and smooth visa process. We are here to make your travel experience better and hassle-free. With us, one can apply for this visa with utmost ease and convenience. 

Overview Of 30 Days UAE Tourist Visa

UAE has seen tremendous growth in its tourist sector. People come to witness the marvelous sites of Dubai that have gained immense popularity. This 30 Days Dubai Visa allows you to have fun in the city with your loved ones for 30 days.

The limitation of this visa is that it is valid for one-time entry only which means based on this particular visa you cannot visit Dubai again. While applying for this visa you need to have all the required papers to avoid any delay.

For this visa, you typically need a visa service provider who can ensure a smooth and convenient process. Culture Explorer Tours LLC takes the weight of this responsibility with attention to detail at every step. From applications to documents to other updates, we take care of all.

How To Apply For 30 Days Dubai Visa /UAE Visa?

The 30 Days UAE visa cannot be directly obtained through the UAE embassy. This requires a proper procedure that needs to be done through professionals like Culture Explorer Tours. You need to have a trusted tour agent who can begin the process of visa application on your behalf and submit it to the authorities.

You need to submit some of the important documents that will be evaluated by the Dubai jurisdictions to grant you tourist entry. 

Documents Required For 30 Days Dubai Visa Application

  • A passport that at least has a validity of 6 months. 
  • Two colored photographs with white background at the back 
  • Proofs such as hotel reservations 
  • Cover letter explaining the reason for visiting Dubai
  • Photocopy of Visa Application Form
  • Statement of sufficient funds in your bank account
  • Return Flight Ticket booking 

When you are done with your paperwork, your tour operator will submit your application and charge a relevant fee for that. The time of visa may depend on various factors such as nationality, workload, and efficiency of the tour operator. At last, you will get your visa on your email.

How Long Can I Stay In Dubai With A 30 Days Dubai Visa / UAE Visa?

As the name suggests, 1 Month UAE Visa will be available for 30 days only. This visa cannot be used for re-entry into the UAE premises. You can enjoy the cityscape and its modern and luxurious lifestyle for 30 days. 

On the day your visa gets approved, you have 60 days to visit UAE which means after 60 days the visa will become invalid. Your 30 days will commence as soon as you enter the UAE.  

On the other hand, Employment UAE visas are granted for around 60 days. In these 60 days, you have to convert it into a residence visa otherwise the authorities will not allow you to stay in the country.

Experience The Luxury

Witness the tall buildings and nightlife of Dubai. Try different cuisines made by professional chefs at the world’s top-most fine dining restaurants. Get unparalleled views Of Skyline, take a relaxing spa, enjoy the beaches, and make yourself relaxed. 

Book Your 30 Days UAE Tourist Visa Today

We believe in providing personalized services that cater to your specific requirements. Whether you’re traveling solo, with family, or for business purposes, our team will work closely with you to tailor your visa application to suit your needs. From documentation assistance to expert guidance, we are committed to making your journey to Dubai a memorable one. 

Discover everything this vibrant city has to offer, from its well-known sites to its little-known treasures, with our 30 Days UAE Tourist Visa. Get in touch with us right now to reserve your Visa Package and begin organizing your trip to Dubai!

Frequently Asked Questions:-

30-Day Visa by Dubai authorities is a way of promoting tourism that allows you to visit Dubai for a short trip of 30 days and explore the city’s masterpieces. It is a single-entry visa and one cannot re-enter the UAE premises on the same.

The 30-day Dubai work visa is a sort of permit that an individual receives from the UAE government to work or do business in Dubai. For this, the individual must be 18 years or above and possess a valid bachelor’s degree. He should also have a job offer from the company itself.

You must have a passport with at least 6 months validity, a return ticket to your home, and sufficient funds in the account to stay in Dubai. After that gather the documents and pay the visa extension fee. Apply and wait for the approval, you will be updated once the extension process is done.

Both tourist visa and working visa is valid for 30 days. A tourist visa allows one to enter the premises for 30 days and explore the city whereas the working visa is granted on employment grounds and can be extended for another 60 days while the employer applies for a residence visa. 

One can approach the travel agent who can apply for the Dubai visa on their behalf. Individuals need to prepare the documents prescribed by the Dubai government to allow entry into Dubai. Once it is done proceed with the visa fees along with the travel agent fees. The agent will submit your documents and wait for the final approval. You will get the visa on your e-mail ID. 

You can stay in Dubai for up to 30 days on your tourist visa. It allows you sufficient time to explore Dubai sites and masterpieces and enjoy the adventures and delicacies. This visa can be extended to 60 days depending upon your eligibility. 

Take a trip to UAE for 30 days which allows you to explore Dubai’s popular sites such as Burj Khalifa, Armani Hotel, and more. It is a one-time visa which means the same visa cannot be used for another trip to Dubai. 

Dubai promotes tourism through its 30-day tourist visa which means tourists across the globe can visit Dubai for 30 days with their friends and family and have sight of Dubai’s famous places and restaurants. This visa can be extended if you wish to do so.

One can get the 30-day Dubai visa in 3-4 working days. This visa generally costs AED 300- AED 400 approximately. This visa can be extended and the cost of the extended visa is around AED 500. 

One can apply for a 30-day visa through a reliable and trustworthy travel agent like Culture Explorer Tours. On your behalf, the application for the visa is submitted to Dubai authorities along with your documents and visa fees. Through this, you will get your e-tourist visa in your email. 

The best time to apply for a UAE visa for 30 days is one month prior to the date you decide to visit Dubai. In case, if you are applying for the visa at the last moment then you may opt for express Dubai visa services that can be processed within 48 hours. 

Once everything is done from application and document submission to visa payment, the individual may have to wait for the final approval. After the approval, the visa will be sent to your email within 3-5 working days. 

The answer to your question is Yes. Dubai government allows youtube to extend your visa from 30 to 60 days. For this, you need to be eligible for having a valid passport, a return ticket, and sufficient funds in the bank. It also requires an additional fee. 

Yes. The Dubai government allows you to extend your 30-day tourist visa twice without leaving the country.

Yes, you can apply for a new visit visa to Dubai right after your departure at the airport. There is no restriction on that.

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