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Desert Safari UAE

Desert Safari UAE

UAE is a place of dreams, people come here to experience luxury, grab business opportunities, and see beautiful deserts. In the UAE, experience the adventure of the deserts with Culture Explorer Tours LLC. Yet, if you want to go Dune Bashing, enjoy a traditional BBQ Dinner under the stars, do camel riding, or try sandboarding, here you experience everything. So get ready to explore the golden desert with us.

In the UAE, desert safari is one of the best ways of encountering this fascinating landscape. We all know that UAE is the best travel destination all over the Middle East. If you are an adventure lover then desert safari is best for you. Basically, the UAE desert safari tour is a fun adventure, where you can experience dune bashing, camel riding, Arabian costumes, refreshment drinks, sand-boarding, sunset photography, henna tattoos, live entertainment, fire show, Tanoura and belly dance performances, BBQ, and buffet dinner with veg & non-veg serving and many other things.

Top Places for Desert Safari in UAE-

  • Al Lahbab Desert- Al Lahbab Desert is an ideal location for dune bashing, sand-boarding, and bedouin-style camp. In the UAE, the stunning Al Lahbab Desert is quite popular for desert safari. This desert dune will prepare for an experience you will never forget. Al Lahbab Desert is named after a small village, along with a safari tour, you have an opportunity to experience the ancient culture of the UAE.
  • Jebel Maleihah- Jebel Maleihah is famous as Fossil Rock, situated on the road connecting Sharjah and Kalba. Here, you can find actual marine fossils. This is because, many years ago UAE was under the Tethys Ocean. Another thing to see here is camel rock. As the name suggests this rock is shaped like a camel.
  • Liwa Desert- Liwa Desert is situated near the Rub Al Khali. This place is best for experienced dube bashers. Liwa Desert has the highest dunes in the UAE. This desert is quite famous for hosting many festivals and adventures. The stunning location and adventures of competitions make it a busy place. This desert is home of minimum fifty villages.
  • Bidayer- Bidayer, popular as Big Red. This vast sand dune, the perfect choice for dune bashing and quad bike riding, makes it very popular among adventures. Here you see the sun’s color change, from yellow to red. This is such an amazing experience.
  • Rub Al Khali- Rub Al Khali or empty quarter. It is the largest contiguous sand desert in the world. This desert is explored in a jeep or a camelback. Rub Al Khali is spread across an area of 650,000 square kilometers.

Must Do Things During Desert Safari in UAE

  • Quad Biking- This is one of the best activities to do during a desert safari. If you are an experienced quad biker, then the dunes of the UAE desert and this activity are best for you. 
  • Camel Ride- Must try a camel ride and explore the UAE desert in the traditional manner. Enjoy a camel ride and fulfill your dream of traveling to the Middle East like royals come true. In the UAE, the camel ride is one of the prime attractions during a desert safari.
  • Sand Boarding- Sandboarding, is a new adventure that everyone wants to try. Sandboarding is just like snowboarding. The best part, is you don’t require to know this sport to try it and try it on the gentler slopes.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride- This is one of the most popular adventure activities to do during a desert safari in UAE. The best time to take this ride is during sunrise or evening. This is the best way to capture beautiful deserts from the sky. 

Enjoy Belly and Tanoura Dancing During Dinner

During the desert safari tour, you can also experience BBQ dinner under the stars, Culture Explorer Tours LLC delivers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for guests. Along with BBQ, must try the Shisha, a traditional Arabian smoking pipe. Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner and performance by Tanoura and belly dancers. 

Bedouin Night

Culture Explorer Tours delivers a unique option for a night stay. In this option, you get a chance to stay at night in a Bedouin-style camp. In the Middle East, Bedouin is the name of a tribe of travelers. They seem to have mastered the art of elegant camps and beds. These camps bust the Bedouin lifestyle. 

Timings for Desert Safari

  • Morning Safari- The Desert is the coolest in the early hours of the day, which creates a morning safari best for exploring the desert or doing a hot air balloon ride, to capture the stunning beauty of the desert. The morning safari takes 4-5 hours. 
  • All-Day Safari- Basically, you can experience the desert safari UAE tours at any time of the day. With this option, you can enjoy everything, from the cool morning sunrise to a refreshing dinner. This option is not very popular. The prime advantage of this tour is that you can enjoy hot air ballooning and dinner on one trip. 
  • Evening Safari- To explore desert safari, an evening tour is also good. Take a camel ride and enjoy the sunset over the dune, is the best experience. In this evening desert safari, you enjoy drinks and BBQ dinner at a campsite.
  • Overnight Safari- Overnight Safari, is the best option to explore deserts in the UAE. Enjoy BBQ dinner under the sky and watch the sand shine in the white glow of the moon.

Culture Explorer Tours LLC, we are the best provider of UAE desert tours. As a tour operator, we understand our responsibilities for offering you with mind-bending experience during the tour. To experience an amazing Desert Safari in Dubai, UAE contact us through calls or emails. Take a break from your boring lifestyle, and enjoy an amazing desert safari in the UAE. 

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