Top Free Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the top cities where the tourism rate is at its peak. Every year people visit Dubai for new experiences and explore the marvelous sites. From the high-rise buildings to fine dining, to adventurous activities, the city sparks luxury at every corner. However, there is an abundance of things that one can enjoy for free in this cityscape. 

For all ye budget travelers, here is the list of free things to do in Dubai that an individual can add to their Dubai itinerary. So let’s dive in straight and explore the top free things to do in Dubai, UAE

List of Top Free Things to Do in Dubai

Visit Alserkal Avenue

At Alserkal Avenue one can witness the significance of art and culture. This sprawling warehouse has been transformed into a buzzing gallery that features fashion, food, and other events. The place is spread across 50,000 square feet and aims to encourage present-day art. For people who have an interest in modern artworks, this place is a blessing for them. 

After exploring the art pieces and museums, One can have a meal at the cafes and sip coffee at the coffee shops. Tourists can also witness the community events here, something is always going on in this place. Therefore, You do not need to give a single dirham here and can enjoy the site for free.

Go to Dubai Mall

It is considered one of the largest malls worldwide. Situated in Downtown Dubai, Dubai Mall is a comprehensive collection of 1200 shops, restaurants, movie theatres, aquariums, virtual reality parks, and ice rinks. In the world’s largest indoor aquarium and Underwater Zoo, people get a chance to observe tiger sharks and other aquatic species. Also, One can click stunning pictures as every corner of the mall is aesthetically appealing. 

Enjoy all these experiences in Dubai Mall that too for free. 

Walk on the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk 

Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is a major attraction for the visitors. It is one of the most luxurious places consisting of world-class hotels and resorts such as Atlantis, The Palm, and more. However, if you want to have a peaceful walk in Dubai, Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk is the best option. It is an 11km boardwalk that can be enjoyed while having a mesmerizing sea view and a pair of earphones with a good playlist. So, forget about your surroundings and enjoy this walk for free. 

Enjoy Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is one of the best places for all the bookworms out there. It has 9 libraries on 7 floors where one can read books of any genre. Here, 1 million books are stored in different languages. 

Apart from this, the building sparks meticulous craftsmanship and state-of-the-art facilities. There are also study rooms, cafes, and bookstores inside the building premises. Visitors should visit this marvelous site especially if they are book lovers. 

Take a trip to Old Dubai 

Explore the history and heritage of Dubai in AI Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. Situated near Dubai Creek, it is completely different from Dubai’s modern lifestyle and lavish living. The traditional building offers a classic vibe and coffee shops in the area give the authentic taste of the drinks. 

With the markets all around, the place offers a whole vintage theme. Also, the place is the perfect spot for clicking beautiful pictures. Therefore, it is one of the suitable places for a free outing. 

See the water dance at the Dubai Fountain 

Dancing fountains are one of the coolest things that one can witness in Dubai that too for free. At night, you can visit this place and have a sight of colorful lights along the music Every half an hour after 6 pm, the water takes a jump to 140m in the air. People can hear Bollywood pop songs, Arabic music, and more. 

Located in Downtown Dubai, this activity is one of the top free things to do in Dubai. 

Go to Bur Dubai Grand Mosque

A tour at Bur Dubai Grand Mosque involves an introduction to Islamic beliefs and prayers. It is one of the oldest mosques in the city that highlights the superior craftsmanship. The architecture and the tallest minrate which is 70 meters high is a masterpiece that offers a treat to the eyes. One can visit here with their friends, colleagues, or family, and get a proper tour along with refreshments and more. Remember, wear decent and modest pieces of clothes. 

Watch the flamingos at the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

For all the wildlife lovers, this place is a blessing. Ras AI Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is located far away from the crowded city of Dubai. It is spread over 6.2 sq km and is popularly also referred to as “Cape of the Creek”. People can have the sight of 60 species and 500 flora and fauna, but flamingos are the true attraction here.  This place is one of the top free-to-access destinations in Dubai. 

Catch the Camel Races

In the early mornings, one can go to experience the most unusual activity which is camel racing. In October and april, the races tend to take place on weekends. People can take a drive of half an hour to one of the greatest tracks in Dubai namely Al Marmoom Camel Racetrack. 

Curious minds can watch the spectacular camel racing and take back home the adventurous memories with them. This experience is totally free.  

Visit the Coffee Museum in Dubai 

Dive into the aroma of Coffee at the Coffee Museum in Dubai. Explore the coffee flavors and tastes that are century-old. One can also have a sight of coffee-making tools and coffee pots that had great contributions in ancient times. 

Visitors can also get adequate knowledge about the beans and brewing in this museum. 

Jog Along Kite Beach 

Fitness enthusiasts can take full advantage of Kite Beach which offers a perfect spot for jogging. The beach does not levy any entry ticket or fee. Visitors have free access to the beach. The breath of fresh air makes your mood happy and cheerful. You can come here in the morning or evening, it entirely depends on your convenience. 

So, put up your headphones and make the most out of this Kite Beach in Dubai. 

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